X-rays are a non-invasive, low-radiation way of taking an image for proper diagnosis of tooth-related issues. We can also use X-rays during routine procedures if there is a dental problem that needs further analysis.

At Soul Dental, our X-ray imaging service uses the latest, state-of-the-art dental technology to create dental imagery of your lower face, teeth and jaw quickly, safely and accurately. This allows us to assess the position, growth and condition of your teeth and jaw, and helps us plan any orthodontic treatment you may require.

A complete oral scan only takes a few seconds and can be performed during your regular appointment. The imaging process is instantaneous and highly accurate, allowing you to view the final X-ray image together with your dentist who can discuss the results with greater detail and clarity.

The health, comfort and safety of our patients is always top priority the Soul Dental clinic, and our dentists go to great lengths to ensure the diagnostic benefits versus patient radiation doses are taken into the utmost consideration when selecting the most suitable X-ray imaging mode for your oral examination.