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If you are looking for a dentist or dental clinic near Robina, Soul Dental can help! Our team is made up of a collective bunch of dentists and technicians who are passionate about oral health, and we are conveniently located only moments from Robina in Varsity Lakes.

You only get one set of adult teeth, and with proper care and scheduled dentist visits, you can ensure that they remain intact and functional for a lifetime. We are your local Robina family dentist and dental clinic that takes a holistic approach to dental care, and we provide an individual service that is catered to your specific dental needs. Our team aims to offer the very best dental services in the area.


Dental services we provide Robina


The health of your mouth and teeth is much more important than just what they look like alone. Functional and pain-free teeth and gums allow you to enjoy all the foods you love and to smile with confidence. Here at Soul Dental, we treat minor ailments or cosmetic imperfections, right up to extensive dental work. Regardless of your need to visit, we have the skills and equipment necessary to help with any concern.

The ongoing condition of your teeth and gums is a collaborative effort on both your part and ours. We’ve got the services and education side of things covered, you need to ensure you are making time to see your dentist and to follow up on any recommendations they make when visiting. Here are some of the services we can provide:


Seeing your dentist often for examinations is one of the top ways you can maintain the quality of your teeth. This allows your dentist to pick up on any areas of concern if any, and treat them sooner rather than later. Preventing teeth and gum conditions is always better than treating them.

Some things you can expect when coming in for an examination with us include a scale, polish fluoride treatment, and X-rays. During this appointment, your dentist will give you a run-down on the condition of your teeth, whether any treatments are recommended, and what you can be doing at home to maintain the health and integrity of your smile.


To prevent tooth decay, a resin coating is applied to the tooth, and this is called a fissure sealant. This adds a protective layer between the tooth and external contaminants.


Cavities and tooth decay are quite common and in many instances can be treated with resin fillings. These fill the gaps in the teeth that shouldn’t be there and prevent them from decaying further.


Bridges and crowns are typically used when tooth deterioration has gone beyond the help of a standard filling. Crowns can support an existing tooth and prevent it from worsening. They can also be used to secure a bridge onto if needed.


Veneers are a popular way to give your smile a drastic makeover. A thin porcelain replica tooth is bonded over your natural tooth. This enhances the shape, placement, and color of the teeth.


You can achieve your brightest and whitest smile with Soul Dental’s safe and effective whitening treatments.


If you need a tooth extracted or surgery, our team can help with this. We remove teeth ourselves and can assist with replacement teeth if need be. We work collaboratively with maxillofacial surgeons who conduct dental surgeries.


Root canals are done when a tooth has sustained significant damage. Our Robina dentists can advise you on whether your tooth needs one or not and what to expect if you do.


X-rays can be highly beneficial when determining the condition of the teeth and gums that otherwise may be missed on visual inspection.


A child’s dental health is just as important an adult’s however, it is not uncommon for children to be a bit nervous about going to the dentist. Our dental team ensures that coming to the dentist is a fun time, not one filled with anxiety and worry.


Occlusal splints are a mouthguard that is worn while a person sleeps to stop clenching and teeth grinding from damaging the teeth. Those who do this are usually completely unaware that they do it, and it can wear teeth and chip them as a result.


To remove deeply embedded bacteria, toxins, and tartar from underneath the gumline, a gum treatment is done. This has several benefits, including reducing the likelihood of tooth loss and shrinking gums.


Invisible orthodontic treatments such as clear aligners are a fantastic alternative to standard braces used to straighten teeth. Our team at Soul Dental can work with you to find the most suitable aligners for you to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Robina Dentistry

We’ve been servicing the people of Robina and neighbouring suburbs for a short while now and we’ve formed some long standing relationships with our clients. We are continuously striving to deliver the very best dental services that are centered around our clients and their specific needs. If you live in Robina and are looking for a new dentist in the area, contact us here at Soul Dental today! We would love to help you retain your natural smile for a lifetime.


Contact us by phone, or make an appointment online.

New patients start with thorough Comprehensive Examination and Clean Package

You will get to learn everything about your teeth, gums, and how to care for them.

Complete treatments required to get teeth back to health!

Whitening special for patients with healthy teeth.

Periodic check up and clean to keep the teeth in tip top condition.

Hear What Our Patients Have To Say

I hate going to the dentist. My previous experiences with dentist left me with anxiety. I was overdue for a dental appointment but had a broken tooth so couldn't avoid it any longer. Dr Rita and her team were amazing. So gentle and calming, alleviating my anxiety. I thoroughly recommend Dr Rita and her team at Soul Dental. Thank you lovely ladies, I will be back ?

Carol Dowling

Soul Dental Customer

I haven’t had much trust in dentists since my twenties with a wisdom tooth. Absolutely amazed at the gentleness and quality dentistry at soul dentist varsity lakes. Rita and the girls have restored my confidence and being extremely patient with her calming manner has made my issue of anxiety deminish as well. I moved my whole family over to them and each one has agreed ?❤️Thankyou ??

Vicki McKenzie

Soul Dental Customer

I found Soul Dental on a local community page. They were highly recommended stating that Dr Rita Lai & her team are very calming.. assuring & have great communication throughout your treatment & I can say for myself they were all this & more! Dr Rita could talk me through walking over hot coal & I would. Beautiful Alana on reception was equally welcoming & accomodating. Looking forward to my future treatment plan at Soul Dental as I feel comfortable on their hands (from someone who’s had a fear of dentists) Thank you Rita & team!

Kimberley Williams

Soul Dental Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Soul Dental Robina as your local dentist?

As we are close to Robina, this means that you won’t have to travel far to receive a dental check up, or for any oral problems. This can make life just that little bit easier if you have a busy work schedule or even if you work local to the area.

Where are you located?

We’re located at 7/220 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, QLD, 4227. We have reserved parking for our customers, allowing for ease of access.

What kind of dentistry services do you offer?

At Soul Dental Robina, we offer a selection of dental services, however most will depend on what you are visiting for and whether our qualified team finds any other issues to bring to your attention. We offer dental treatment for children, as well as x-rays, oral surgery, teeth removal and fillings, to name a few. We pride ourselves on tailored dental treatment so give us a call today! 

How often should I receive a dental check up?

We recommend doing a check up every six months at your local Soul Dental Varsity Lakes clinic – this is because a lot can happen in that time and we firmly believe that it is best to catch potential dental issues while they are small, before they become larger. 

Is Soul Dental Robina child friendly?

Yes! We love making sure your child’s experience at the dentist is a positive one. We know how scary it can be going someplace new for your dentistry needs, especially when it comes to children, so give us a call today so we can discuss how we can make the experience the most comfortable.