After a severe crack or chip in the tooth, advanced decaying of the tooth or an infection may occur meaning a root canal procedure may be necessary. Because a root canal treatment is for very compromised teeth, they will most likely require a complete restoration, and in most cases a crown for protection.

It is the central part of the tooth that houses the pulp which contains the nerves and blood vessels. Untreated and severe decay can eat its way through to the pulp causing pain and infection. When it gets to this stage, it is generally required to remove and clean the pulp and the roots underneath it, which is known as root canal therapy. Removing the infected pulp will ease the pain, stop the infection spreading, and allow us to keep the teeth.

Root canal therapy is generally done in two to three appointments. Dr Rita will firstly administer a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth and then fit a ‘rubber dam’ around it to help keep out all the saliva and bacteria in the mouth, and to keep the tooth sterile once cleaned to give it the best chance for long term success. After the inside of tooth down to the root canals is cleaned, the canals are filled with a material call ‘Gutta Percha’ and completely sealed.


Root Canal Therapy Gold Coast

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