A restoration is how we treat tooth decay and cavities. By placing a strong white resin material after making sure the teeth are germ free, we aim to stop the further progression of decay and weakening of teeth. 

Tooth decay is prevalent in people of all ages and can lead to dental cavities. It is always best to deal with cavities whilst they are small, because they are prone to progress quickly, can affect adjacent teeth and can eventually progress to dental abscesses which can be extremely painful.

If you have been experiencing pain while you eat or have acquired sensitivities, there’s a good chance that cavities are the issue. However, they can be easily fixed. At other times, cavities can be less noticeable, so it’s important that you keep regular check-ups to prevent unnoticed decay leading to further dental issues.

During your exam at Soul Dental, we will undertake regular dental X-rays to determine whether there is decay in between your teeth, and how deep the cavities are. Our filling treatments generally involve local anaesthetic to numb your tooth, allowing us to work on removing the cavity while you feel nothing but some light pressure.