The way a mouth guard fits, and its construction will determine how well it is able to protect you, so the best mouth guard is one that’s custom made to protect you from injury while training for or playing your favourite sports.

Like playing sports? Contact sports like rugby and boxing, or even a friendly game of cricket on the weekend carries risks for your pearly whites. But that doesn’t mean you have to quit playing!

Wearing a fitted sports mouthguard while you play or train can help protect you from serious injuries such as a broken jaw or fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth. Some of these injuries can be quite complex and tricky to treat, resulting in lifelong damage, chronic pain, and financial expense.

Soul Dental creates customised moulded mouthguards that absorb and cushion your teeth and jaws if you receive a knock to the face. We also make splints (or night guards) which are moulded to cover your upper teeth, preventing damage from grinding and clenching in your sleep and relieving muscle tension and painful joint symptoms.