Comprehensive examination and clean

We make your regular dental visits to our practice pleasant while maximising your preventative care, including comprehensive examination, scale, polish, fluoride treatment, and X-rays. We will also give you dental insights to keep your teeth clean and strong, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smile.

You wouldn’t buy a new car only to then not have it serviced or keep up the oil and water, would you? Before too long, you’d find yourself back at the mechanic having some major maintenance work done with a painful bill in tow. Well, the same goes for your teeth and oral hygiene.

Regular dental check-ups and cleaning prevents costly treatments down the track, as they present opportunities to diagnose issues early before they become a major problem. Our comprehensive examination and clean will assess your existing fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants to determine what condition they are in and provide any recommendations if needed.

One of the major things we look for during a routine check-up are signs of gum disease, which is likely to affect most people at some stage of their lives. Gum disease can be painless and can therefore go easily undetected. Regular examinations and cleans can help identify and save your teeth from gum disease which can lead to tooth mobility, loss and other conditions that may cause bad breath and discoloration.

As part of your check-up, we may also make use of dental X-rays. These allow us to check below the surface of your teeth and gums for any signs of decay that may not be visible with an oral exam. We recommend oral X-rays be taken once every 18-24 months depending on the status of your teeth and gums, we will assess this duration for you at each of your visits.

After your examination, we will take the time to discuss the results of your examination and the current state of your soft tissues, gums, teeth, muscles, and joints. We will then recommend any treatments that may require immediate attention or may be required in the future to prevent major problems.